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Wellbeing and overall health is one of (if not THE) most vital things to prioritise in our lives so that we can feel good and stay feeling good

But all too often, it slips well down the to do list

And we only seek to address it once we are in a health crisis (mental, emotional, physical or a combination)

Doing our best and following what we think will work (often according to social media or Google), but not really having a clue what is effective, safe and appropriate for where we are at a given point in time

And once we feel ok again, we lapse back into old habits

With the never ending cycle repeating over and over


Over the past decade, I have learned to prioritise my health and wellbeing

First, through exercise, diet and trying to sort out my sleep

Then, on the back of burnout (a place I got to, in part, because I didn’t realise that my “healthy” behaviours were actually damaging for where I was at and what my body needed), delving a little deeper into some of my patterns of behaviour and the impact they were having on my health

To learning more about the impact of our thoughts, early childhood experiences and conditioning on how we feel as adults

And then more recently adding in the in depth study of the brain/body connection and the intricacies of the nervous system in how we feel, respond and experience every facet of our lives


There is not a lot I don’t know about taking care of yourself at this point

And as we find ourself in a global health crisis, where we all need to do more for our wellbeing, I am committed to passing on the in depth knowledge I have gained in a clear, simple and digestible way that is accessible to as many people as possible

I also see an increase of information out there about what we “should” be doing which is actually counter to what is needed for healthy nervous system regulation and which takes no account of the nervous system state of the person being advised – and that can be unhealthy, dangerous and create results that are the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve. So I also want to debunk some myths so you know what is safe for YOU  

It is with that intent that I bring you my latest class


“How to take care of yourself: a nervous system led approach to total wellbeing”


In this 60 minute class, I share effective, evidence and science backed protocols for overall health that you can implement quickly and easily into your busy life

I also share how these differ depending on your nervous system state (are you stressed, checkout out or relaxed – what difference does it make?) and well as explaining how you can tell!

Of course I will also be passing on some of my own experiences too!

The investment for the class is £25 which will give you lifetime access to the materials. 


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