I am delighted to bring this

Intro to the Body

class to you.


Over the course of the hour class, I share 5 simple but powerful exercises (plus some alternatives) that you can use daily to

- start to build a felt sense of presence, calm aliveness and overall well-being in your life
- feel more grounded
- press reset when something stresses you out

No matter your experience level with yoga, we’ve got a class for you!

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I walk you through why we do each of them, their benefits and the cumulative impact of layering them all together.

If you are ready to learn the importance of working with the body and would like to learn some tools that you can use to feel better and start to calm and regulate your system (and to help others do the same) - this class will give you everything you need to get started.


These are quick exercises you can do anywhere and can share with your kids, loved ones, colleagues and clients - the ripple effects will blow you away.

The class is an experiential, fun and safe way to give you gentle but effective tools that you can use each day to help you get out of your head (and away from the racing thoughts), and into your body.
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I loved the class. It was so refreshing to have 60 minutes to focus just on the body and learning these exercises (again).

I think it's going to be SO useful in my work with clients, and of course, for myself.”

Ingrid (Coach and therapist)