It's time to learn WHO you are 
WHAT you want and
HOW to do it YOUR way.

You want your life to feel better, but aren’t sure where to start

You have a niggle that you are meant for more - more joy, laughter, purpose and connection

And you are done with conforming and following an arbitrary checklist of stuff you thought would make you happy, but hasn’t

I work with people who want to explore that niggle AND learn to do life and work THEIR WAY

During our time together I can help you overcome burnout, change careers, build and grow a business, improve your relationships and be healthier in all areas of your life - and we do it YOUR WAY, which means finding and using the tools, approaches and materials that work for you and the life YOU want (yes we will also figure out what that actually is)

No more following the rules and oppressive systems of others - this is about creating your life, your way on your terms (and it’s MUCH more doable than you are letting yourself believe)


There are three key phases we will work through to

create an extraordinary life on your terms



Restore - getting you back to a strong baseline mentally, physically and emotionally


Rewire - creating awareness of patterns, unwinding the unhelpful ones and developing more healthy ways of being


Rebirth - with the strong foundation your have built, you are ready to embrace all of who you are and what you are here to do. Decisions are easy to make and a life on your terms is available. We go about creating it TOGETHER

I know how to help you


Because alongside training, certifications and thousands of hours with clients, I have been where you are.
My lived experience is a critical part of you getting the right support. We cannot effectively support what we do not know.

Until Autumn 2018, I worked as a Tax Litigation Solicitor in the Big 4. I pushed myself to burnout and it wasn’t pretty.

Since then I’ve done a LOT of work on myself to create SPACE and FREEDOM in my life.

I left law, found work I loved and built a business that replaced and exceeded my legal income in 3 years.

It is a true pleasure to help others do THEIR version of creating the work and life experience they truly desire.

I also have a LOT of qualifications and skills to draw from to support you... 👇🏻

I am an ICF accredited coach (PCC level) 

with a diploma in professional coaching practice. I am also certified in embodied healing systems - think nervous system and body based modalities - with a personal focus on childhood trauma and the impact of dysfunctional family systems on us as adults. I believe that the impact of trauma (childhood / generational / big T and small t) is present in us all and being able to work with and process that is a key component to creating a life that feels the way you want it to

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reach out if you would like to explore working together. I am ready when you are

What's been your favourite thing about our work together?

Learning to listen to my body instead of ignoring it and pushing through in my head.


What's been the most valuable experience of our work together so far?

Feeling 100% safe, not needing to pretend anything at all, being able to be completely honest - you create the space for that.

How the tools you teach, that seem so simple, can have a big impact on my well-being, both physical and mental.

Letting myself fully experience emotions in my body, without them getting stuck in there - being able to move them on.


What kind of changes do you believe are a result of our working together?

Finally letting myself rest. Being far more attuned to my needs. No longer people pleasing as much as I used to, in very clever and hidden ways that were not obvious (e.g. wanting to 'do really well' in a coaching program, pleasing the teacher/coach). Feeling more grounded in my physical body instead of up in my head/thoughts.


What's my super power?

Louise recognised, unlike several other coaches, that I was in a state of overwhelm and that the number one priority for me to move forward in my life - with all areas - was to rest, and regulate my nervous system, first. I was in a state of wanting to 'force' things.

She quickly saw that I had a tendency to overdo it by going 'all in' and wanting to be 'the best student' - when what I really needed to learn was to slow down, trust myself, and stop the need to prove myself. I'm far from perfect with this now, but I can do it much more often, and it feels so much better.

In our individual sessions, she was very attuned to what I needed in the moment. She could tell what that was way before I recognised it.


Why did you hire me?

I always loved your emails! They really spoke to me.


If someone is thinking of working with me, what would you say to them?

Just do it, don't hesitate, you're getting top notch coaching, from a truly caring human.


Anything else you’d like people to know?

Louise has a sense of humour! And humour always helps, when used at the right time.


Ingrid, Coach and Mum of Three


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